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What Is OpenSpan?

OpenSpan is a tool for Automation.

It provides instruction on using OpenSpan Studio to create application integration and automation projects.

OpenSpan Studio runs within the Microsoft Visual Studio Isolated Shell design environment or as a plug-in to the Visual Studio application.b

OpenSpan Studio provides a unique, intuitive, rapid visual development environment that lets you create runtime solutions which enable end users to complete tasks more efficiently

a) Automate manual processes such as copying and pasting between applications

b) Provide a single user interface for interaction with multiple applications

c) Display process guidance tips to assist users in the completion of workflow tasks

d) Invoke a web service.

OpenSpan is a Robotic Process Automation tool based on the .net framework.

It can be used as standalone or it is integrated by the visual studio by using its plug-in.

This is one among other automation tools like UIPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere etc.

It helps to automate cognitive processes as those in Banks, Finances mainly the back-office jobs.

Where executives sit and keep feed same data from morning till evening, from months till years.

The automation created using such tools runs in a dedicated system and process bulks of data within minutes.

OpenSpan Desktop Analytics OpenSpan captures all relevant user desktop activity.

Identifies opportunities for Business Process Improvement as well as an audit trail for performance monitoring, risk, fraud & compliance purposes.

OpenSpan OpenSpan MS SQL Analytics or Server Any BI Tool Other Use Cases for Events

• Drive Process Guidance

• Knowledge Management

• Compliments Enterprise Reports Custom

• IT / Operational Desktop Statistics Connectors

• Workforce Management

• Combine with Call recordings

• Real-Time Dashboard